Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 19 pp 8294—8312

β-arrestin-2 enhances intestinal epithelial apoptosis in necrotizing enterocolitis

Figure 5. BiP suppresses β-arrestin-2-induced pro-apoptotic effects. (A) Silencing of BiP increased apoptotic marker expression in LPS-stimulated cells. (B) Overexpression of BiP did not significantly alter apoptotic marker expression in LPS-stimulated cells. (C) Co-transfection of β-arrestin-2 and BiP significantly inhibited apoptosis compared with β-arrestin-2 transfection alone in LPS-treated cells (P<0.05). (D) HA15 inhibited BiP protein expression and increased CC3 expression in LPS-treated cells, regardless of whether or not β-arrestin-2 was overexpressed. (E) KO+NEC and WT+NEC mice pretreated with HA15 displayed almost the same degree of intestinal damage.