Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 19 pp 8526—8541

Ninjurin 2 overexpression promotes human colorectal cancer cell growth in vitro and in vivo

Figure 1. NINJ2 upregulation in human CRC cells and tissues.NINJ2 mRNA and protein levels in HT-29 cells, primary human colon cancer cells (“pri-Can-1/-2/-3”) and primary human colon epithelial cells (“pri-Epi-1/-2”) were tested by qPCR (A) and Western blotting (B and C), respectively. A total of twenty (20) pairs of human colon cancer tissues (“Cancer”) and paired surrounding normal colon epithelial tissues (“Normal”) were homogenized anddissolved in tissue lysis buffer, NINJ2 mRNA and protein expressions were tested by qPCR (C) and Western blotting (D and E), respectively. “Pat” stands for “Patient No.” (D). “mw” stands for molecular weight (same for all figures). NINJ2 mRNA was normalized to GAPDHmRNA. NINJ2 proteinwas normalized to the loading control Tubulin. Bars stand for mean ± SD (same for all Figures).* P< 0.05 vs.“pri-Epi-1” cells (A and B) or “Normal” tissues (C and E).