Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 19 pp 8542—8555

Probucol, a “non-statin” cholesterol-lowering drug, ameliorates D-galactose induced cognitive deficits by alleviating oxidative stress via Keap1/Nrf2 signaling pathway in mice


Figure 2. Prob treatment improves the cognitive deficits in D-gal-induced aging model mice. (A) The representative traces during the probe test. (B, C) Effect of Prob on escape latency and percentage of quadrant time in the MWM test, respectively. (D, E) Effect of Prob on step-through latency and errors in training in passive avoidance test. Data in each experiment represent mean ± SEM from 10 independent samples. Statistically significant differences were calculated by one-way ANOVA using the SPSS 20.0 software. *P<0.05 and ** P<0.01, versus D-gal group.