Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 19 pp 8556—8572

Conserved aging-related signatures of senescence and inflammation in different tissues and species

Figure 2. Change of relative standard deviations of gene expression in all four species with age. For each investigated species and tissue, the measured variance in transcript expression of the preselected senescence- and inflammation-related genes is displayed for every time point (M – mature, O – old, OA – old-aged). The upper and lower bounds of the box plots represent the respective 2.5% percentiles. All displayed differences in the mean variance of gene expression among the aged and old-aged time points and almost all other age comparisons are significant (*: p-Value ≤ 0.01, **: p-Value ≤ 0.001, ***: p-Value ≤ 0.0001,) within each tissue and species, individually. A general decrease of variance in gene expression can be observed in the old-age time points, except for the skin samples of Mus musculus, Danio rerio and Nothobranchius furzeri. This indicates a tighter control of inflammaging processes in long-lived individuals, reducing negative effects and helped them to reach the high age. For detailed information, see Supplementary Data 4.