Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 19 pp 8604—8622

Tryptophan metabolite 5-methoxytryptophan ameliorates arterial denudation-induced intimal hyperplasia via opposing effects on vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells

Figure 3. 5-MTP reduces vascular leakage and increases endothelial coverage after arterial denudation. (AB) Vascular leakage was assessed by Evans blue dye perfusion after injury. (C) contralateral uninjured right femoral artery; Inj, injured left femoral artery. (A) One week after injury (vehicle, n=13; 5-MTP, n=13). (B) Four days after injury (vehicle, n=10; 5-MTP, n=8). (C) Quantitation of vascular leakage. *p<0.004 vs. vehicle; #p<0.003 vs. 1 week. (DF) CD31 immunohistochemistry for ECs (brown) of arteries from uninjured (D), injured-vehicle (E), and injured-5-MTP mice (F) 1 week after injury. (GL) Magnified areas from upper and lower box of (DF), respectively. Arrows, CD31-negative areas; med, media. (M) Quantitation of endothelial coverage 1 week after injury (*p<0.00002 vs. vehicle).