Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 19 pp 8604—8622

Tryptophan metabolite 5-methoxytryptophan ameliorates arterial denudation-induced intimal hyperplasia via opposing effects on vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells

Figure 5. 5-MTP rescues TNF-α-decreased endothelial cell migration and VEGFR2 activation. Wound healing assays were performed using HUVECs and wound closure evaluated at 0 and 18 h after wounding. (AB) Wound closure and quantitation at 18 h (n=4 each group). Dashed lines, wound margins. VEGF promoted cellular migration into wound area. TNF-α decreased VEGF-induced wound closure in the absence of 5-MTP (*p<0.002 vs. control). 5-MTP rescued TNF-α-decreased wound closure (#p<0.04). (C) Transwell migration assays were performed using growth-arrested HUVECs (n=4 each group). TNF-α reduced migration (*p<0.0001) while 5-MTP rescued TNF-α-decreased migration (#p<0.01). (D) HUVECs were stimulated with VEGF for 15 min for Western blotting to detect phosphorylated and total VEGFR2. (E) Quantitation of p-VEGFR2 (n=4 per group, *p=0.0001 and #p<0.005).