Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 23 pp 10814—10825

Long noncoding RNA LINC00958 accelerates the proliferation and matrix degradation of the nucleus pulposus by regulating miR-203/SMAD3

Figure 2. miR-203 expression was downregulated in degenerative NP samples. (A) The expression of miR-203 was determined in 20 degenerative NP tissues and 10 scoliotic NP samples by using qRT-PCR analysis. (B) miR-203 expression decreased gradually along with the grade of exacerbation of disc degeneration. (C) The expression of miR-203 was inversely related with LINC00958 expression in NP samples. *p<0.05, **p<0.01 and ***p<0.001. U6 was used as the internal control. Data were showed as mean±SD.