Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 22 pp 10242—10251

Studies on APP metabolism related to age-associated mitochondrial dysfunction in APP/PS1 transgenic mice

Figure 2. Aβ1-40 and Aβ1-42 levels in hippocampus and platelets from APP/PS1 transgenic mice and C57 mice. (A) Aβ1-40 levels in hippocampus; (B) Aβ1-42 levels in hippocampus; (C) Aβ1-40 levels in platelets; (D) Aβ1-42 levels in platelets. Values are expressed as mean ± SD of six experiments measured in duplicate. **P < 0.01 vs. C57 (6 months), ##P < 0.01 vs. APP/PS1 (6 months), ++P < 0.01 vs. C57 (10 months).