Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 22 pp 10252—10265

Metformin decreases LPS-induced inflammatory response in rabbit annulus fibrosus stem/progenitor cells by blocking HMGB1 release

Figure 7. Metformin inhibited the inflammatory gene expression in rabbit AF cells induced by LPS. (A) TNF-a gene expression. (B) IL-b1 gene expression. (C) COX-2 gene expression. (D) IL-6 gene expression. (E) MMP-3 gene expression. (F) MMP-13 gene expression. (G) Collagen I gene expression. (H) Collagen II gene expression. LPS increased the expression of all tested inflammatory-related genes and MMPs, but decreased the levels of collagen type I and type II. The LPS effect was inhibited by metformin. *p<0.05 to the control group. #p<0.05 compared to the cells treated with LPS.