Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 22 pp 10266—10283

Silencing lncRNA FOXD2-AS1 inhibits proliferation, migration, invasion and drug resistance of drug-resistant glioma cells and promotes their apoptosis via microRNA-98-5p/CPEB4 axis

Figure 1. Highly expressed FOXD2-AS1 is found in glioma. (A) The expression level of FOXD2-AS1 in glioma tumor tissues and corresponding para normal tissues was detected by RT-qPCR (N = 68); (B) RT-qPCR was used to detect the expression of FOXD2-AS1 in human normal glial brain cell line HEB and 4 human glioma cell lines. * P < 0.05 vs human normal glial brain cell line HEB. The data were all measurement data, represented by mean ± standard deviation. The comparison between the two groups was statistically analyzed by independent sample t test, and one-way ANOVA was used in comparisons among multiple groups, and Tukey’s post-hoc test was performed after ANOVA. The experiment was repeated three times.