Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 22 pp 10266—10283

Silencing lncRNA FOXD2-AS1 inhibits proliferation, migration, invasion and drug resistance of drug-resistant glioma cells and promotes their apoptosis via microRNA-98-5p/CPEB4 axis

Figure 3. TMZ resistant cell lines U87TR and U251TR show higher chemotherapeutic resistance than that of the parent cell lines U87 and U251. (A) Morphological changes of drug-resistant cell lines U87TR and U251TR and parent cell lines U87 and U251 were observed by an optical microscope (× 200); (B) MTT assay was used to determine the cell proliferation capacity at the concentration of TMZ at 50 μg/mL; (C) Changes of parental cells and drug-resistant cells on IC50 of TMZ; (D) The expression of drug-resistant genes detected by western blot analysis; * P < 0.05 vs U87 cells or U251 cells; The data were all measurement data, represented by mean ± standard deviation. The comparison between the two groups was statistically analyzed by independent sample t test, and the experiment was repeated for three times.