Review Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 996—1010

Long non-coding RNA RNF7 promotes the cardiac fibrosis in rat model via miR-543/THBS1 axis and TGFβ1 activation


Figure 5. Effect of RNF7 silence on primary rat cardiac fibroblasts proliferation and extracellular matrix deposition. (A) Rat cardiac fibroblasts were infected with Lv-sh-lnc RNF7 or Lv-sh-NC and examined for the infection efficiency by real-time PCR. In the presence or absence of ISP or Ang II treatment, (B) the cellular content of Collagen I and CTGF were determined by IF staining. (B, C) The protein levels of Collagen I, CTGF, Fibronectin, and α-SMA were determined by Immunoblotting analyses. (E) The cell viability was determined by MTT assays. (F, G) The protein levels of TSP1 were determined by Immunoblotting analyses. (H) The TGFβ activity was determined by NRK colony formation assay.