Review Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 996—1010

Long non-coding RNA RNF7 promotes the cardiac fibrosis in rat model via miR-543/THBS1 axis and TGFβ1 activation


Figure 7. Dynamic effects of lncRNA RNF7 and miR-543 on ECM and TGFβ activation via TSP1. (A, B) Rat cardiac fibroblasts were co-transfected with miR-543 inhibitor and Lv-sh-lnc RNF7 and examined for the protein levels of TSP1, Collagen I, CTGF, Fibronectin, and (C)-SMA. (C) The TGFβ activity in co-transfected rat cardiac fibroblasts was determined by NRK colony formation assay.