Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 22 pp 10626—10643

Circ_0006332 promotes growth and progression of bladder cancer by modulating MYBL2 expression via miR-143

Figure 1. Circular RNA expression profiles in bladder cancer and adjacent normal tissues. (A) The chart shows all detected (ALT) and differentially expressed (DET) circRNA transcripts from the RNA-seq analysis. (B) Volcanic plot of circRNA transcripts. The vertical lines correspond to 2-fold increase (upregulation) or decrease (downregulation) in circRNA expression. The horizontal line corresponds to P = 0.05. The red points correspond to circRNA transcripts with a fold-change > 2.0 and P < 0.05. As shown, a 7.94 fold upregulation of circRNA transcripts of MYBL2 is observed in the bladder cancer tissues. (C) The clustering diagram shows 48 upregulated and 231 downregulated circRNA transcripts in bladder cancer tissues (T) compared with the adjacent normal bladder tissues (N).