Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 22 pp 10626—10643

Circ_0006332 promotes growth and progression of bladder cancer by modulating MYBL2 expression via miR-143

Figure 6. MiR-143 downregulates MYBL2, and circ_0006332 promotes EMT and cell cycle progression of bladder cancer cells. (A) Diagram shows potential miR-143 binding sites in the 3′ UTR region of the MYBL2 transcript. (B) Results of dual luciferase reporter assay show that miR-143 binds to the wild type MYBL2 3′UTR but can’t bind to mutant MYBL2 3′UTR. (C) Western blot results show MYBL2 protein levels in bladder cancer cells transfected with siRNA against circ_0006332 alone or siRNA against circ_0006332 alone + miR-143 inhibitor. As shown, miR-143 inhibitor increases MYBL2 protein levels. (D) Western blot analysis shows that knockdown of circ_0006332 increases E-cadherin and decreases Vimentin, CCNB1, P21 protein levels compared with the controls. Note: All experiments were repeated thrice; data are represented as mean ± SD; NS, no significance; **P < 0.01.