Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 22 pp 10644—10663

MYSM1-AR complex-mediated repression of Akt/c-Raf/GSK-3β signaling impedes castration-resistant prostate cancer growth

Figure 3. Downregulation of MYSM1 facilitates prostate cancer growth in vivo. (A) Representative image of tumors formed in nude mice bearing 22Rv1/shNC or 22Rv1/shMYSM1 cells. (B) The volumes of tumors derived from nude mice subcutaneously implanted with 22Rv1/shNC or 22Rv1/shMYSM1 cells were monitored for 30 days. Data are shown as mean ± SD of 3 replicates. (C) The animals were sacrificed 30 days after injection and tumor weights were evaluated. Data are shown as mean ± SD of 3 replicates. (D) Representative photographs of IHC staining of p-Akt and Ki-67 in tumor tissues from 22Rv1/shNC and 22Rv1/shMYSM1 nude mice groups. Scale bars are 30 μm. ** P < 0.01 and *** P < 0.001 (Student’s t-test).