Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 22 pp 10684—10696

Disrupted brain functional hub and causal connectivity in acute mild traumatic brain injury

Figure 3. Correlations between the changes in degree centrality (DC) and causal connectivity and deficits in cognitive performance in mTBI patients at the acute stage. (A) The decreased DC in left MFG was positively correlated with the total MoCA scores (r = 0.426, p = 0.002) and the attention scores (r = 0.346, p = 0.012). (B) The visuospatial/executive score was negatively correlated with the decreased causal connectivity from the left MFG to left ACC (r = 0.360, p = 0.006). The full line represents the decreased causal connectivity and the dotted line represents the increased causal connectivity. L, left; R, right; MFG, middle frontal gyrus; MTG, middle temporal gyrus; ACC, anterior cingulate cortex; mSFG, medial superior frontal gyrus; MoCA, Montreal Cognitive Assessment.