Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 23 pp 10992—11009

Mangiferin promotes macrophage cholesterol efflux and protects against atherosclerosis by augmenting the expression of ABCA1 and ABCG1


Figure 7. Mangiferin promotes cellular cholesterol efflux through the upregulation of PPARγ and LXRα expression. RAW264.7 macrophage-derived foam cells were pretreated with LXRα siRNA (A, B) or PPARγ siRNA (C, D) and subsequently treated with 20 μM mangiferin for 24 h. LSC assays were performed to detect apoA-1- or HDL-mediated [3H]-cholesterol efflux. All results were obtained from three independent experiments, each performed in triplicate. Data are presented as the mean ± SEM (n =3/group). *P < 0.05 vs. control group; #P < 0.05 vs. mangiferin only group.