Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 23 pp 11111—11123

Daily decrease of post-operative alpha-fetoprotein by 9% discriminates prognosis of HCC: A multicenter retrospective study

Figure 2. Nomogram (FDZS5 and FDZS3) and validation to predict the probabilities of 1-year and 2-year overall survival for AFP elevated HCC patients after resection. To use the FDZS5 (A) or FDZS3 (D), an individual patient’s value is located on each variable axis, and a line is drawn upward to determine the points for each variable. The sum of these points is located on the Total Points axis, and a line is drawn downward to the survival axes to determine the likelihood of 1-year OS. CEA, GGT, tumor diameter (cm), tumor number (1 or ≥2), A09 were used in the model. The calibration curve for predicting patient survival at (B, E) 1 years and (C, F) 2 years in the training set, Nomogram-predicted probability of overall survival is plotted on the x-axis; actual overall survival is plotted on the y-axis.