Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 23 pp 11136—11147

Ninjurin2 overexpression promotes glioma cell growth

Figure 1. Ninj2 is upregulated in human glioma cells and tissues.Ninj2 mRNA and protein levels in established (A172 and U251MG) and primary human (“P1/P2”) glioma cells as well as in the primary human astrocytes (“Astrocytes”) were tested by qPCR (A) and Western blotting (B), respectively. A total of ten (10) pairs of human glioma tissues (“T”) and paired surrounding normal brain tissues (“N”) were homogenized and dissolved in tissue lysis buffer, Ninj2 mRNA and protein expression was tested (CE). Data were presented as the mean ± SD (same for all Figures).*p<0.05 vs. “Astrocytes” (A). *p<0.05 vs. “N” tissues (D and E). Experiments in this figure were repeated four times, and similar results were obtained.