Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 23 pp 11148—11156

Apolipoprotein E regulates mitochondrial function through the PGC-1α-sirtuin 3 pathway

Figure 2. ApoE regulates oxygen consumption and ATP production via Sirt3. Primary cortical neurons from new born ApoE4 or ApoE 3 mouse brain were transfected by a lentivirus encoding Sirt3 shRNA (Sirt3 knockdown) or Sirt3 cDNA (Sirt3 overexpression). The oxygen consumption kinetics was analyzed. (A) Oxygen consumption curves; (B) Amplitude of oxygen consumption curves; (C) Slope of oxygen consumption curves. (D) ATP levels were measured in different groups (n= 8 in each groups, ** p< 0.01 compared to ApoE3 neurons, # p< 0.05 and ## p< 0.01 compared to ApoE4 neurons).