Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 23 pp 11268—11313

The RXFP3 receptor is functionally associated with cellular responses to oxidative stress and DNA damage

Figure 3. RXFP3 constellation comparison to a theoretical GIT2-Cell signaling dataset. (A) To further investigate the role for RXFP3 as a controller for GIT2, we created a GIT2-specific signaling set, comprised out of 760 proteins, by investigating the intersection dataset between ‘Cellular Signaling’ and ‘GIT2’ associated text matrices. (B) Analysis of this theoretical GIT2-signaling set using canonical signaling pathway analysis shows a strong recollection of the known GIT2 signaling capacities. But interestingly some other novel functionalities were also apparent such as Sirtuin Signaling and Relaxin Signaling. (C) Lastly, we investigated which overexpression level of the RXFP3 constellation showed a potential GIT2-associated bias. Calculating both the numerical and percentage overlap, we found that the strongest intersection with the theoretical GIT2-signaling set was clear with the 5 μg RXFP3 level.