Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 23 pp 11268—11313

The RXFP3 receptor is functionally associated with cellular responses to oxidative stress and DNA damage

Figure 4. RXFP3 constellation, differential overexpression of RXFP3 indicates a role in DNA damage response. (AC) The results from the bioinformatic analysis of 0.5 μg RXFP3-HA (Left, grey), and 5 μg RXFP3-HA overexpression (Right, orange) using (B) Gene Ontology through Enrichr [50]; (C) Wordcloud generation and (D) phrase frequency counting (WriteWords) of the words and noun-phrases extracted from Textrous! [54]. Here we see that a different overexpression level of RXFP3, indicates a different role of RXFP3, where with 0.5 μg RXFP3 we see a role in translation, and chromatin structure, while for 5 μg RXFP3 overexpression a role for DNA damage response and repair.