Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 23 pp 11416—11439

Dysregulation of pseudogene/lncRNA-hsa-miR-363-3p-SPOCK2 pathway fuels stage progression of ovarian cancer

Figure 3. Expression levels of 26 key genes (ADAMDEC1 (A), C11orf15 (B), CCNA2 (C), CHEK1 (D), CLGN (E), DAPL1 (F), EGFL6 (G), FAM181A (H), FAM83D (I), FOXA2 (J), GJB2 (K), GPR19 (L), LRRTM1 (M), LYPD1 (N), MAD2L1 (O), NEIL3 (P), PART1 (Q), PNOC (R), S100A2 (S), SPOCK2 (T), ST6GALNAC2 (U), TGM1 (V), XPR1 (W), ZBED2 (X), EPS8 (Y) and FAXDC2 (Z)) in ovarian cancer determined by GEPIA database. “*” represents “P-value < 0.05”. Y axis indicates relative expression value, log2(TPM+1). TPM=Transcript per million.