Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 23 pp 11463—11473

LncRNA EPIC1 downregulation mediates hydrogen peroxide-induced neuronal cell injury

Figure 1. H2O2 downregulates Lnc-EPIC1 in neuronal cells. SH-SY5Y cells (AD) or the primary human neuron cultures (EG) were treated with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2, 50-300 μM), cells were further cultured for indicated time periods, expression of Lnc-EPIC1 (A, B and E, vs. U6 RNA) and listed mRNAs (C and F, vs. GAPDH) were tested by qPCR assay. Listed proteins in total cell lysates were tested by Western blotting assay (D and G). Listed proteins were quantified, with the values normalized to Tubulin (D and G). “Ctrl” stands for untreated control cells (same for all Figures). “LDH%” stands for medium LDH ratio, indicating cell death (same for all Figures). Bars stand for mean ± standard deviation (SD, n=5). * P < 0.05 vs. “Ctrl” cells. Experiments in this figure were repeated three times, and similar results were obtained.