Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 53—69

FHL3 promotes pancreatic cancer invasion and metastasis through preventing the ubiquitination degradation of EMT associated transcription factors


Figure 3. FHL3 knockdown restrained migration and reversed EMT phenotype in pancreatic cancer cells. (A1 and B1) IF assay of FHL3 in PANC1_NC/KD1-3, BXPC3_NC/KD1-3, which showed KD1 sequence was the most efficient. (A2 and B2) WB assay of FHL3 in PANC1_NC/KD1-3 and BXPC3_NC/KD1-3, which showed the expression level of FHL3 was downregulated more than 80% in PANC1_KD1 and BXPC3_KD1 cells, p<0.001. (C) 48h- transwell assay showed more than 40% decreasing of migration ability of PANC1_KD1 and BXPC3_KD1 cells, as compared with PANC1_NC and BXPC3_NC cells, P<0.01. (D) 72h-wound healing assay showed KD1 cell lines held more blank area as compared with NC cell lines, p<0.05. (E1) WB assay showed FHL3 knockdown reversed the expression level of EMT associated proteins and transcriptional factors, except zeb1.