Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 53—69

FHL3 promotes pancreatic cancer invasion and metastasis through preventing the ubiquitination degradation of EMT associated transcription factors


Figure 5. LIM-3 was the pivotal domain for FHL3 competitively binding to GSK3β. (A1 and A2) Transfection with GSK3β, FHL3 (+:5ug, +++:15ug), snail1 and twist1 in HEK293T for 48h followed by CO-IP assay, which showed the higher FHL3 expression was accompanied with the higher expression of snail1 and twist1, p<0.01; meantime, the higher FHL3 expression made less snail1 and twist1 which binding with GSK3β, p<0.001. (B) Truncated forms form FHL3. (C) Transfection with GSK3β and truncated forms for 48h in HEK293T cells, and the CO-IP assay showed only truncated forms which containing LIM-3 domain could bind with GSK3β.