Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 12246—12269

Development and validation of a nomogram with an autophagy-related gene signature for predicting survival in patients with glioblastoma


Figure 3. Risk score analysis of the GBM autophagy signature in the TCGA training cohort (A), CGGA Batch-1 validation cohort (B), and CGGA Batch-2 validation cohort (C). Upper panel: patient survival status and time distributed by risk score. Middle panel: risk score curve of the autophagy signature. Bottom panel: heatmap of NRG1, ITGA3, and MAP1LC3A expression in GBM samples. The colors from green to red indicate the expression level from low to high. The dotted line indicates the individual inflection point of the risk score curve, by which the patients were categorized into low-risk and high-risk groups.