Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 23 pp 11722—11755

Histone proteomics reveals novel post-translational modifications in breast cancer

Figure 2. Histone PTMs sites identified by this study. (A) The table summarizes all the PTMs sites identified. Using the described approach, we identified a total of eighty-five histones PTMs, seventeen of these were not previously described on the UniProt database. (B) The identified novel modifications consist of 5 lysine methylation, 4 lysine dimethylation, 1 lysine trimethylation, 3 arginine citrullination, 1 threonine phosphorylation and 3 tyrosine phosphorylation. Mass spectrometry data are averages of three biologic replicates. (C) Novel and known sites of PTM along histones sequences. The identified modifications consist of acetylation, methylation, dimethylation, trimethylation, citrullination and phosphorylation. Red boxes indicate novel modifications.