Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 24 pp 12375—12411

Discovering master regulators in hepatocellular carcinoma: one novel MR, SEC14L2 inhibits cancer cells


Figure 7. Differential expression effects of MR interactions on shared target genes. (A) Upper panel: Heatmap of gene expression correlation for targets shared by the 44 MRs (HCC6). Lower panel: Hierarchical clustering based on jaccard similarity coefficients (shades of blue) computed among 44 regulons. (B) Interaction of ESR1-PTTG1 pair in the HCC6 cohort. The dES of ESR1 and PTTG1 are shown. On the right upper panel, a cartoon depicts the observed interactions between ESR1 and PTTG1 targets, with brown circles indicating co-activation, and green circles denoting co-repression. Targets are shown in grey if the two MRs have opposing effects. Assuming ESR1 and PTTG1 interaction, survival outcomes for the ESR1 regulon, the PTTG1 regulon, and both interacting regulons are depicted (C, D).