Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 106—121

Endothelial progenitor cells promote viability and nerve regenerative ability of mesenchymal stem cells through PDGF-BB/PDGFR-β signaling


Figure 3. In vitro multilineage differentiation of MSCs induced with PDGF-BB/PDGFR-β signaling. Cells were cultured and induced in the osteogenic, adipogenic or neural differentiation medium, respectively. The staining result revealed that the osteogenic (alizarin red S), adipogenic (oil red O) or neural (Nestin) differentiation capacity in co-M and M+P groups was better than that of M or co-M+I group (A). The RNA of adipogenic, osteogenic or neural markers were extracted and detected. Compared with the M and co-M+I group, the expression levels of osteogenic (RUNX2 and SOX9), adipogenic (FABP4 and PPARγ) and neural (MAP2 and Nestin) markers significantly increased in co-M and M+P groups. Results are mean ± SD from three independent experiments (BD). *P<0.05 vs. M or co-M+I group, **P<0.01 vs. M or co-M+I group.