Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 122—137

PRDX5 as a novel binding partner in Nrf2-mediated NSCLC progression under oxidative stress


Figure 2. The influence of Nrf2/PRDX5 on NQO1 expression. (A) A549 and NCI-H1299 cells transfected into Nrf2 shRNA or PRDX5 shRNA were treated with serum-free medium overnight. The serum-starved cells were mock-treated, or stimulated with 100 μM H2O2 for 12 h. The expressions of Nrf2, PRDX5 and NQO1 were determined by Western blot. The data are mean ± SD (*P < 0.05). (B) After stimulated with 100 μM H2O2 for 12 h, A549 and H1299 cells were treated with 25 mg/L of cycloheximide (CHX) for the indicated period of time and subjected to Western blot analysis.