Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 318ā€”339

Circ-EPB41L5 regulates the host gene EPB41L5 via sponging miR-19a to repress glioblastoma tumorigenesis

Figure 1. Profile of circRNAs in human glioblastoma samples and circ-EPB41L5 characterization. (A) Hierarchical cluster analysis of RNA-seq data was used to present the significantly dysregulated circRNAs between a normal brain and glioblastoma tissues. Red represents high expression, and green represents low expression. (FCā‰„2.0, P<0.05, FDR<0.05). (B) circ-EPB41L5 and circ-PAK7 were downregulated in glioblastoma detected by qRT-PCR (49 Glioblastoma and 6 normal). (C) RT-PCR gels showed that circ-EPB41L5 were downregulated in glioblastoma. (D) Prognostic significance of circ-EPB41L5 expression for glioblastoma patients. The expression median value was used as the cutoff. *P<0.05, **P<0.01.