Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 318—339

Circ-EPB41L5 regulates the host gene EPB41L5 via sponging miR-19a to repress glioblastoma tumorigenesis


Figure 3. RNA-seq analyzed target genes of circ-EPB41L5. (A) Hierarchical cluster presented the significantly dysregulated genes after overexpression of circ-EPB41L5. Red represents high expression, and green represents low expression. (B) Volcano plot filtered out the dysregulated genes (FC≥2.0, P<0.05, FDR<0.05). Red and blue dots denote upregulated and downregulated genes, respectively. (C) KEGG analysis of upregulated genes. (D) Pathway enrichment analysis of downregulated genes. (E, F) qRT-PCR validated the dysregulated genes after overexpression or knockdown of circ-EPB41L5 in U87, U251, and LN229 cells.