Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 397—415

The combined effect of epigenetic inhibitors for LSD1 and BRD4 alters prostate cancer growth and invasion

Figure 7. SP-2509 and JQ1 inhibit tumor growth but JQ1 increase tumor metastasis in vivo. (A) Tumor growth of 22Rv1 xenografts was measured. Tumor volume (upper) and tumors harvested at the end time point (Day 21) from these mice (lower) are shown. Graphic data are presented as the mean ±SD. (B) The mean of tumor weight from (A) at the end time point (Day 21) was shown. (C) Standard curve for detection of human genomic DNA by Alu-qPCR (left) and detection of human cells in mouse femur from (A) by Alu-qPCR (right). (D) A model of LSD1 and BRD4 inhibition in PCa. Statistical differences are determined by ANOVA with: * indicates P < 0.05; ** indicates P < 0.01.