Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 436—461

Aging exacerbates neutrophil pathogenicity in ischemic stroke


Figure 1. Age, stroke incidence, stroke outcome and 24-hour neutrophil counts in patients admitted to a major stroke center. (A) Distribution of age at stroke onset (n=3635). (B) Correlation of age vs. baseline stroke severity as measured by admission NIH stroke scale (n=3635). (C) Relationship between patient age and stroke outcome at discharge (n=3635). (D) Mature neutrophil counts in stroke (n=508) and TIA control patients (n=130). (E) Mature neutrophil count and stroke severity, as measured by NIHSS on admission (R2 =0.04, n=508, p= p<0.0001). (F) Mature neutrophil counts and stroke patient age (R2 =0.002, n=508, p=.2). *p≤0.05, **p=<0.01, ***p=<0.001, ****p=<0.0001.