Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 462—480

Down expression of lnc-BMP1-1 decreases that of Caveolin-1 is associated with the lung cancer susceptibility and cigarette smoking history


Figure 1. The decrease of lnc-BMP1-1, Cav-1 expression in lung cancer population and the expression of Inc-BMP1-1 in lung cancer cell lines. (A) The expression of lnc-BMP1-1 was decreased in lung cancer patients; (B) The expression of Cav-1 was decreased in lung cancer patients; (C) The relationship between lnc-BMP1-11 and Cav-1 expression; (D) The expression of lnc-BMP1-1 in types of lung cancer cells. RNA expression was analyzed using RT-PCR, the RNA levels were normalized against β-actin mRNA. Each bar represents the means ± SD of three independent experiments.