Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 462—480

Down expression of lnc-BMP1-1 decreases that of Caveolin-1 is associated with the lung cancer susceptibility and cigarette smoking history


Figure 2. The cell growth or migration of lung cancer cells with lnc-BMP1-1 over-expression vs. NC cells. (A) The cell proliferation of A549-BMP vs. A549-NC, (B) PC9-BMP vs. PC9-NC, (C) GLC82-BMP vs. GLC82-NC, respectively; (D) Comparison of the wound widths (40x) of lung cancer cells with Inc-BMP1-1 over-expression vs. NC cells after 72 hrs, the relative bar graph are A549-BMP vs. A549-NC(E), PC9-BMP vs. PC9-NC(F), GLC82-BMP vs. GLC82-NC(G); the migration capacity of both A549-BMP and GLC82BMP cells were reduced; however, there's no significant difference of PC9-BMP vs. PC9-NC cells; with transwell migration experiments (40 x), the cell migration capacity of A549-BMP vs. A549-NC was proved to be decreased again (H), the relative bar graph was A549-BMP vs. A549-NC(I), PC9-BMP vs. PC9-NC(J), GLC82-BMP vs. GLC82NC (K), respectively. Data are represented as means ± SD. *P < 0.05, ns P> 0.05