Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 593—610

Attenuation of diabetic kidney injury in DPP4-deficient rats; role of GLP-1 on the suppression of AGE formation by inducing glyoxalase 1


Figure 1. DPP4 deficiency attenuates albuminuria in STZ-induced diabetic rats. Both wild-type and DPP4-deficient rats were administered with IP injection at 30 mg/kg/day STZ three times. All samples were collected and evaluated as described in Materials and Methods. (A) Blood glucose level after 4 h fasting, (B) HbA1c level, (C) Albuminuria level, (D) Albumin/creatinine ratio. (E) Serum BUN level, (F) Serum creatinine level. WT-CON: wild-type control, WT-STZ: wild-type-STZ, DPP4-def-CON: DPP4-deficient control, DPP4-def-STZ: DPP4-deficient-STZ. Data are shown as the means ± SEM. *p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01 and WT-CON, #p < 0.05 and WT-STZ, n = 7–8 per group.