Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 593—610

Attenuation of diabetic kidney injury in DPP4-deficient rats; role of GLP-1 on the suppression of AGE formation by inducing glyoxalase 1

Figure 2. DPP4 deficiency recovers the structure of glomerulus impaired by STZ. Kidney samples were collected at 42 days, since over 300 mg/dL of blood glucose after STZ injection as described in the Materials and Methods. The glomerular volume was measured using the ImageJ software for at least 15 images from each kidney section. (A) Representative image of glomerulus by H&E staining and by PAS staining, (B) Glomerular volume. WT-CON: wild-type control, WT-STZ: wild-type-STZ, DPP4-def-CON: DPP4-deficient control, DPP4-def-STZ: DPP4-deficient-STZ. Data are shown as the means ± SEM. *p< 0.05 and WT-CON, #p < 0.05 and WT-STZ, n = 7–8 per group.