Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 1 pp 672—689

Up-regulation of microRNA-375 ameliorates the damage of dopaminergic neurons, reduces oxidative stress and inflammation in Parkinson’s disease by inhibiting SP1


Figure 1. The rotation test and open field test for rats in each group (n = 12). (A) The number of rotation circles in each group of PD model rats induced by apomorphine; (B) The total distance moved of rats in each group; (C) The average movement speed of rats in each group; (D) The duration of movement in the central grid in one minute of rats in each group; (E) The results of the stepping test; (F) The results of the cylinder test; * P < 0.05 vs the normal group; # P < 0.05 vs the mimics NC group; & P < 0.05 vs the miR-375 mimics group. The measurement data were expressed as mean ± standard deviation and ANOVA was used for the comparison among multiple groups. After ANOVA analysis, the Tukey’s post-hoc test was used for pairwise comparison.