This article has been retracted. Aging (Albany NY). 2023 Feb 15; 15:881-881 .  PMID: 36790768
Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3126—3139

LncRNA AK045171 protects the heart from cardiac hypertrophy by regulating the SP1/MG53 signalling pathway


Figure 4. AK045171 is involved in the regulation of MG53/GSK3/β-catenin and MG53/NFκB pathways. Western blotting was used to evaluate the expression levels of proteins in the MG53/GSK3/β-catenin (A, B) and MG53/NFκB (C, D) pathways. (E) Immunofluorescence staining of p65 was performed to observe nuclear transfer of p65. * p<0.05 vs Ad-vector group; # p<0.05 vs Ad-AK054171+si-nc group.