Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 6 pp 4711—4726

Silencing of lncRNA XIST inhibits non-small cell lung cancer growth and promotes chemosensitivity to cisplatin

Figure 1. XIST is downregulated in NSCLC tissues and cell lines. (A) ONCOMINE analysis of XIST expression in clinical tumour samples and adjacent normal tissues. (B) KM plotter survival analysis showing the relationship between XIST expression and NSCLC prognosis. XIST expression levels detected by qPCR in (C) NSCLC samples and normal tissues, (D) NSCLC cells and normal lung epithelial cells, (E) NSCLC specimens, and (F) untreated or DDP-treated NSCLC cells. * < 0.05 vs control, normal, or NHBE group.