Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 2 pp 1577—1590

PIK3CA gene mutations in the helical domain correlate with high tumor mutation burden and poor prognosis in metastatic breast carcinomas with late-line therapies

Figure 3. Tumor mutation burden (TMB) for different metastatic breast cancer subtypes. (A) Comparison of TMB levels (mutations per million bases, muts/Mb) among four types of PI3K/AKT pathway aberrations. p-value for PIK3CA-HD vs PIK3CA-KD (*), PIK3CA-HD vs PIK3CA-OD (**) and PIK3CA-HD vs P/A (***) were calculated by using non-parametric wilcoxon rank-sum test. (B) Barplot compared the percentages of TMB-High (red) and TMB-Low (blue) patients among four different types of PI3K/AKT pathway aberrations.