Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 2 pp 1656—1684

Elevated lymphocyte specific protein 1 expression is involved in the regulation of leukocyte migration and immunosuppressive microenvironment in glioblastoma

Figure 1. LSP1 was the only gene in leukocyte migration related genes, which not only had an elevated expression, but also was correlated with unfavorable prognosis in glioma. (A and B) Heatmaps describing the correlation between the expression of leukocyte migration related genes and tumor purity, immune and stroma scores, and IDH1 status in GBM (A, CGGA RNA sequencing dataset, n = 138; B, TCGA RNA sequencing dataset, n = 155). (C and D) Volcano plots showing differentially expressed leukocyte migration related genes between GBM and LGG (C, CGGA RNAseq, n = 310; D, TCGA RNAseq, n = 622; with t test). (EH) Kaplan-Meier survival analyses revealed an association between high LSP1 expression and unfavorable outcomes in both of LGG and GBM (E, F: CGGA RNA sequencing dataset; G, H: TCGA RNA sequencing dataset; with log-rank test). **, and **** indicate no significance P < 0.01, and P < 0.0001, respectively. CGGA, Chinese Glioma Genome Atlas; TCGA, The Cancer Genome Atlas; GBM, glioblastoma multiforme; LSP1, lymphocyte specific protein 1; LGG, lower-grade glioma.