Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 3 pp 2101—2122

CSF1R inhibitor PLX5622 and environmental enrichment additively improve metabolic outcomes in middle-aged female mice


Figure 1. Metabolic outcomes of PLX5622 and environmental enrichment in middle-aged mice. (A) Body weights for animals on PLX(-) or PLX(+) diet in SE or EE across 5 weeks. (B) Body weight as a percentage change from starting body weight. (C) Food intake relative to body weight across 5 weeks. (D) Body fat proportion at 4 weeks. (E) Lean mass proportion. (F) Glucose tolerance test at 5 weeks. (G) Area under the curve. (H) Fasting blood glucose. (I) Pyruvate tolerance test at 6 weeks. (J) Area under the curve. (A, B, DJ) n=10 per group; (C) n=12, 2 cages per group across 6 weeks. *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001, ****p<0.0001. Values are means ± SEM. Statistical analyses are shown in Supplementary File 1.