Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 3 pp 2347—2372

Protein disulfide isomerases are promising targets for predicting the survival and tumor progression in glioma patients


Figure 8. (A) GO and KEGG analyses for the PDI gene family and the risk scores determined using GSVA. The heat map shows the distribution of risk scores and clinical features (upper one panel), and gene set enrichment of different pathways (lower two panels). Comparisons of the performance of PDI signature, risk score, grade and cluster in predicting the 3-year overall survival of glioma patients (B) subtype (C) MGMT promoter status (D) 1p19q codel status (E) and IDH status (F). (G, H) The relationship among the five indicators, PDI signature, risk score, cluster, WHO grade, and cancer type. TCGA database as training set and CGGA database as the validation set.