Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 3 pp 2545—2583

Global burden of larynx cancer, 1990-2017: estimates from the global burden of disease 2017 study


Figure 4. The correlation between EAPC and larynx cancer ASR in 1990 as well as SDI in 2017. The circles represent countries that were available on SDI data. The size of circle is increased with the cases of larynx cancer. The ρ indices and P values presented were derived from Pearson correlation analysis. (A) EAPC and SDI in incidence; (B) EAPC and ASIR; (C) EAPC and SDI in death; (D) EAPC and ASDR; (E) EAPC and SDI in DALYs; (F) EAPC and age-standardized DALY rate. ASIR, age standardized incidence rate; ASDR: age standardized death rate; EAPC, estimated annual percentage change; SDI, socio-demographic index; DALY: disability adjusted life-year.