Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 3 pp 2626—2646

Screening and identification of genes associated with cell proliferation in cholangiocarcinoma


Figure 2. Screening candidate genes associated with cell proliferation. (A) Expression patterns of validated 11 genes associated with cell proliferation across diverse cancer types. (B) Correlation analysis of screened abnormally expressed genes with 11 validated genes in CCA (repeated genes have been removed from 94 genes). Deregulated patterns are also presented on the left. * indicates significant statistical result (padj < 0.05 for the left figure or FDR < 0.05 for the right figure, and these involved genes show up-regulated or down-regulated expression with |log2FC| > 2 and padj < 0.05). Fifteen up-regulated genes with positive correlation with more than 4 validated genes are believed as candidate genes with cell proliferation. (C) Distribution of correlations of 15 candidate genes across different cancer types, showing many of them have positive correlations with validated genes. The total 26 genes show significant difference between normal and tumor samples in CCA (p < 2.2e-16). (D) These 26 genes show dynamic expression patterns across various cancer types, but most are up-regulated.