Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 3 pp 2777—2797

TP53/miR-34a-associated signaling targets SERPINE1 expression in human pancreatic cancer


Figure 6. miR-34a specifically binds and interact with SERPINE1. Luciferase activity in 293 cells transfected with Dual-luciferase vector encoding Gaussia Luciferase (GLuc) and secreted alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) with 3′UR of SERPINE1 placed downstream of Glu luciferase reporter (SERPINE1 3′UTR). 293 cells were either transfected with SERPINE1 3′UTR, co-transfected with SERPINE1 3′UTR and miR-34a mimic, co-transfected with SERPINE1 3′UTR and control mimic (miR-NC), or co-transfected with SERPINE1 3′UTR, miR-34a mimic and miR-34a inhibitor. GLuc activity was monitored at 10 h, 22 h, 30 h, 40h, 50 h, and 60 h post-transfection and was normalized to SEAP. Data is plotted as GLuc/SEAP ratio where the x-axis indicates the transfection and time points, and y-axis indicates the relative luciferase activity. Bars represent average ± s.d. of five individual experiments. Student t test was performed to compare groups. Two-tailed P value of 0.05 or less was considered statistically significant. *p < 0.05; **p,0.01; ***p < 0.001; NS-not significant.